Writing Samples

Borderlands Example Missions:
"Skagnificent Skagbait"
"A Very Human Shopping Spree" [pdf]

Some writing tests I did for Gearbox a while back. The assignment was to create an example mission set in the Borderlands universe, written in screenplay format, 3-5 pages long, and featuring at least 2 speaking NPC characters. Ended up making two, because it was a fun assignment!

Game Script Example:
The Slap Friends! Character Quips Spreadsheet
[Excel Spreadsheet]

Slap Friends! is a light and silly indie puppet fighting game developed by my friends at Pretty Fox Games. They asked me to create dialogue quips for the game's characters to say (displayed as text on screen) within the game. I worked directly with the game's designer to ensure his vision for each character was expressed through their dialogue. The game has been showcased at Indiecade, Alt.Ctrl.GDC, and The Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2016. I apologize in advance for some of the more groan-worthy puns on display here, particularly with the Fisherman character.

Game Script Example:
Top Wing: Virtual Training Missions - Early draft script
[Excel Spreadsheet]

An example of writing for an existing IP to match character voice and tone, in this case a game for the NickJr show Top Wing. The show is for very young children and features four cadets training to perform rescue operations, each with their own domain (land, sea, air, etc.) and personality. Unlike some other IP, the characters for this property were allowed to speak directly to the player to explain game mechanics. Presented here is an early draft to ensure it features only my own writing, as later drafts contained line edits from other contributors.
[You can play the final game online on the NickJr website.]